Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Friday, May 05, 2006

Do you want to save money?
Do you want more performance from your vehicle?
Do you want your engine to last longer?
Of course you do- we all do!

MPG-Cap™ is a 100% organic engine conditioner that simultaneously improves fuel economy and power by creating a micro-thin coating on the combustion chamber in your engine allowing your fuel to burn more efficiently.
MPG-Cap™ helps beat the high price of gas!
MPG-Cap™ comes in a new, revolutionary fuel treatment caplet perfect for gasoline, diesel, biodiesel and gasoline-ethanol powered engines.
Now you can combat the high price of gas with a simple caplet you add to your tank when you fill up.
MPG-Caps™ will actually help your engine by decreasing wear on combustion chamber components and as an added benefit it helps your engine burn cleaner, reducing harmful emissions.
Click here for an excellent explanation on the MPG-Cap™ and how it helps an engine.
Emission's Check - MPG-Caps™ Checks Out BIG:
I took my 1999 Ford F150 for a smog check and I had this guy talking in tongues. He was amazed that my smog emissions were Zero. Since it was a 1999 there should have been something there. Another fine example of why you should be buying and selling the FFI MPG-CAPS™. The proof is in the pudding! Dennis Nickles, CA
Click here to see the test results

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